A good party thrives on good music.

But what's important for a great party is how it's played. With me, you get DJ sets that will be remembered. Why is that?

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Because they're bangin'!

  • There are many genres and I've mastered most of them. For example, rap & hip hop, reggaeton, pop, house, EDM and 2000s classics. Whether I play one of them or a combination of them at your event is up to you.
  • I am versatile. Although I most frequently play in clubs, I also have experience with other environments such as pool parties, graduation balls and other special events. This means I can provide the right soundtrack for any setting.
  • Every mix has to be unique If you book me, you won't get any pre-mixed run-of-the-mill sound. I always play live and never play the same set twice. My mix is always fresh a difference that the crowd will feel as well.

See for yourself!

Recent Dance, House, EDM, Rap, and Pop classics, combined in a bangin' DJ mix – that's what you will get when pressing play down below. A great first impression of my DJ skills. Don't hesitate, just press play!

Listen now! | Still Live (DJ SET) | Dance, House, EDM, RAP, POP

You want more? Here you go!

If you want to listen to more of my DJ mixes, you can listen to my live sets for different genres here, with just one click. All the music styles I play are available there. So you'll find just the right sample, no matter what you're looking for. Simply select a suitable mix on the right and press play. Have fun listening!

You want to hear more? I also produce my own songs and remixes. You can find them all here!

Genre: House | 58 Min.
Genre: Deep House | 43 Min.
Genre: EDM / Dance | 15 Min.
Genre: Pop & 2000s | 30 Min.

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