Absolute originals, daring remixes.

In addition to DJ sets, I also produce my own songs and remixes. You can find them all here and listen to them directly.

Harvest Dawn (Craaze Edit)

It is widely recognized that film soundtracks can be musical masterpieces. After all, film music is also honored with Oscars. Less recognized is the quality of music in games. But here, too, there are numerous examples of masterful soundtracks that will be remembered for decades. The music from "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" – released in 2006 – is one of them. The game's soundtrack has become even better known, not least thanks to the "Oblivion NPC Conversation" memes, especially the track "Harvest Dawn". I'm a big fan of the game and the music, so I made an edit that transforms the title into a deep house track.

Cantina Band (Original Mix)

Every festival-goer in Germany knows the Cantina song from Star Wars. Cue: "Play the same song again!". I wasn't aware of a version that was suitable for use in clubs. That's why I built a new track on a few samples of the original, with a nasty drop and plenty of dancefloor suitability. A little surprise: in contrast to the well-known 10-hour version of the Cantina song, my version is over after just over two minutes. Too short? Still too long? You decide.

Dua Lipa Break My Heart (Craaze Bootleg)

What is the difference between a remix and a bootleg? While a remix gives the original a completely new look, a bootleg only changes individual passages and usually leaves the majority of the original untouched. This is also the case in my adaptation of Dua Lipa's "Break My Heart". The only difference to the original: a slightly harder drop that makes the song even more club-friendly.

Gotye ft. Kimbra Somebody That I Used To Know (Craaze Remix)

THE song of 2012. Who doesn't remember the chorus, or at least the start of it: "You didn't have to cut me off..." Despite all the hype, there was never really a known remix to this song. Eight years late, I took on this task and turned the acoustic original into a house remix that is definitely also suitable for the dancefloor. In case anyone still remembers the song.

Olly Murs Troublemaker (Craaze Remix)

Released in 2018, the Troublemaker remix is still my biggest self-produced feel-good song three years later. Euphoric and somewhat dirty pop synths turn the original into a creation with certain indie/synth pop vibes. The melody in the chorus still gives me good vibes which speaks volumes for the song, because as a producer I must have heard it hundreds of times.

Shinsekai (Original Mix)

So far, hardly two of my songs sound the same. I'm not sure if that's a strength (wow, unique selling point!) or a weakness (wow, waste of time!). Shinsekai" also embodies this. The song is inspired by a trip to Japan and embodies the atmosphere of the entertainment district of the same name in Osaka. A bouncy house beat is combined with an 8-bit breakdown. Definitely an adventure.

50 Cent Candy Shop (Craaze Remix)

It's one of the classics that 90's kids will still know by heart in a few decades. It's everyone's favorite song about oral sex. It's one of the first songs that caused major outrage among concerned parents. Many would follow after it, but this was the pioneer. The remix gives "Candy Shop" a new twist, turning the more laid-back original into a trap remix that lends itself well to the sort of rhythmic dance moves that weren't considered Twerking back in the early 2000s.

Heidi Merrill Faded (Craaze Remix)

Heidi Merrill is little known in this country - in the USA, the singer-songwriter has already attracted attention with a few releases. I was able to give her song "Faded" an official remix that turns the guitar-heavy original into a relaxed summer house song.

Schriftzug "Richtig nice" vor einem Paar Kopfhörer

Heidi Merrill Home (Craaze Remix)

If you liked the remix of "Faded", you shouldn't leave "Home" unheard. This is also an official reinterpretation of Heidi Merrill's music. Compared to "Faded", "Home" is more energetic, a little faster and probably mastered more skillfully, as it is the later of the two remixes.

DJ Lion & Gramophonedzie Bregucha (Craaze Remix)

Without the associated remix contest on Beatport, I would probably never have heard of "Bregucha". Although my participation didn't lead to a win, it did result in an energetic, instrumental house remix.

Florence & The Machine – Spectrum (Say My Name) (Craaze Remix)

The original was a co-production by Calvin Harris and the eponymous Florence & The Machine somewhat melancholic, but definitely made for the dancefloor. The remix reinforces the melancholy side of the original, lowers everything a few semitones and creates a mystical atmosphere.